How to get guests on the Dance Floor

Having an empty dance floor is one of the biggest worries we hear about from brides and grooms, and I know it certainly cost me some sleepless nights before my own wedding.

I have provided my top five tried and tested tips to help you get your wedding guests on the dance floor…

Dim the Lights

Dimming the lights is one of the simplest and most effective ways of helping to fill your dance floor; no one wants to strut their funky stuff in a floodlit room. Add some disco / flashing or roving lights to help create movement on the dance floor. Speak to your venue about their policy for evening lighting and also to your DJ or band to see what they can provide.

Create the Perfect Space

Similar to the lighting, your guests won’t want to feel exposed on a huge dance floor, however, if there is no clear dance floor space it might put them off. Consider how many guests you have and the layout of the room. Have a clearly laid out dance floor area – I personally would go for it being slightly too small so it looks fuller rather than having it too big and feeling empty.

Choose Your Music Wisely

You and your groom may very well be into death metal but your guests may not be. Of course it’s all about you guys on your big day and so you should be able to play whatever music you want, but you can’t expect your guests to be comfortable with moshing out if it’s not their scene. You could ask your guests to choose their favourite dancing song in your invites and play these earlier in the evening, then have your choice of music towards the end. This will help them feel included in the arrangements and more compelled to dance when their song is played. You never know, you may be able to convert a few of your friends and family into your musical tastes by the end of the night.

Recruit a Dancing Committee

I’m not suggesting you have weekly meetings with agendas or anything in the weeks leading up to the wedding, but speaking to your bridal party or your most outgoing friends and asking them if they wouldn’t mind helping to get the party started on the night is a good idea. Being the first on an empty dance floor can be very daunting, but if you have a group ready and raring to go, the rest of your guests will be sure to follow.

Hire a Professional Live Band or DJ

Professional DJs and bands perform at 2-3 weddings on a weekly basis and so know what songs are guaranteed to get people up on the dance floor and keep them there. I cannot stress highly enough the booking of a professional act. I know budgets can be tight but a £100 DJ or band from the local pub will have different experience to that of a professional wedding DJ or band. Do your research and check references because it could really make or break your night.

The evening reception is the last part of your day so make sure it goes out with a bang and not whimper – your guests aching feet the next morning will remind them what an amazing time they had!

Article by Tracey Warren of Warble Entertainment

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