Wedding Songs First Dances

For many wedding couples kicking off their evening celebrations with the traditional ‘first dance’ as husband and wife is an important part of the day. Having your song performed live by a band can make this a very special moment to be treasured. It can be a wonderfully romantic love song, a 30 second shuffle around the dance floor, a full on dance routine or perhaps a stonking party song to get every one of your guests bopping on the dancefloor.

Pop of Ages would be honoured to learn and perform your first dance for FREE, after all we want to make it extra special for you.

We will of course need time to learn and practice your song and therefore ask for around two months notice please.

In almost all circumstances we can learn and play your special request. On the odd occasion though we do have to say no – please don’t be offended! This is normally because the choice of song is beyond what a live band can do justice too. If this is the case we can of course play a recording of the original song you know and love through our sound system and then kick off straight afterwards into the live music.

For more information about first dances, wedding music and the band, do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!