Terms and conditions of engagement

Contract Details and Cancellation Policy:

1) The Artiste reserves the right to refuse to perform if any of the above band riders are not met on the day of performance or alternative arrangements not made in advance as no refunds will be given.
2) This contract must be signed by The Employer and returned together with the deposit within 7 days.
3) This contract is confirmation of either a verbal or written agreement being legal and binding and will only be considered cancelled if it is returned unsigned together with written confirmation of cancellation within 14 days of issue.
4) All deposits paid to the Artiste are non-refundable (except clause 5 below)
5) Paid deposits and fees will be returned to The Employer in the unlikely event that the contract is cancelled by the Artiste (Please note we have never cancelled a contract once entered).
6) Balance of fees must be received as stated on this contract in order to secure the appearance of the Artiste.
7) This contract is issued on the basis that it should not be cancelled by either party. However should unavoidable circumstances arise whereby The Employer cancels the engagement, then the following compensations will be payable to The Artiste:

• 6 calendar months or greater = no fee payable to Artiste
• between 3 & 6 calendar months = 75% of remaining total balance
• less than 3 calendar months = 100% of remaining total balance

8) The Artiste undertakes to use their best endeavours to honour the engagement, but shall not be held financially liable in respect of any breach or non-fulfilment of this contract by non-appearance or non-performance to any cause “beyond their reasonable control” including, but not limited to personal injury, serious illness, unplanned hospitalisation, sudden bereavement, band dissolution, equipment damage or failure, Force Majeur, adverse/unsafe weather conditions, Highway maintenance or congestion, War, Flood, Industrial Action or the act, omission or negligence of third parties and/or competent authorities.
9) In case of illness or unforeseen circumstances The Artiste reserves the right to perform with competent deputy replacements.
10) The Artiste shall not be held in breach or non-fulfilment of contract if for any cause ‘beyond their control’ the actual performance duration is of lesser length than specified.
11) When performances are for outdoor venues, the full fee stated shall be paid if all or any part of the performance is prevented by inclement weather
12) The Artiste reserves the right to refuse to perform / cease to perform if any element of Health or Safety to persons or equipment is deemed at risk.
13) The Artiste has been engaged by The Employer to perform at the stated venue, and shall be regarded as a temporary contractor at that venue for the duration of the event, reserving the right to cease to perform if subjected to verbal or physical abuse, harassment or any form of unacceptable behaviour in the workplace.

The following band riders are mandatory and are the responsibility of the Employer:

• Minimum 2 separate 13amp power sockets close to the stage or performance area.
• A private & secure dressing room. Please pre-arranged this with your events manager prior to the Artistes arrival (toilets are unacceptable)
• A performance area of approx 3 metres deep by 6 metres wide (if smaller please advise us)
• Hot Food or sandwiches and soft drinks are provided to musicians during the engagement.
• Reserved parking for two vehicles.
• A clear, safe access route is available to unload / load equipment close to the stage / performance area.

Please note if any of the above riders cannot be met, Pop of Ages must be advised before the contract is signed so that alternative arrangements may be agreed by both parties in advance.